News From the Farm – June 27, 2014

Hello Subscribers,

The large amounts of moisture have definitely been hard on the strawberries. They have been rotting a bit before they really ripen and we have had to throw a lot out. But with some sun we hope to get some to you this week yet.

Reasons I’m (Jake) happy with a lot of rain:

  1. I don’t have to irrigate
  2. I can shower in the field before I come in for the day
  3. Rain smells good
  4. It’s an excuse to take time off and spend it with the family
  5. It is enjoyable to fall asleep to raindrops falling
  6. Weeds come out of the ground much easier
  7. It cools things off
  8. Our pigs have plenty of mud
  9. Our kids have plenty of mud
  10. At least I don’t have to build an ark

As a reminder, we will take back the plastic clamshells that the peas and strawberries come in each week. Just bring them along with you the following week. We do not need the plastic bags back.

See you this weekend,
The Lambrechts


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