News From the Farm – October 31, 2014

Well, with the prediction of snow today, it is beginning to be obvious that our season is quickly coming to an end. We will have the market tomorrow and our final Saturday will be November 8th. Again, be sure to try and use up the rest of the funds on your CSA cards as we are unfortunately not able to apply those to winter shares or next year’s season.

A few other bits of news…

Organic Apples for Sale – We still have organic apples at the market this weekend for purchase by cash only. We only have the Royal Gala variety available. The cost is very good at $1 a pound.

Honey & Eggs for Sale – We still plan to have eggs and honey available for sale the next two weeks so if you are interested, please bring cash or check to pay for those items.

We are so thankful to have you all as subscribers and hope you have fully enjoyed the produce from our little family farm. We love getting to know each of you and serving you!


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