News From the Farm – September 12, 2014

Welcome fall! With the crisp cool air we are receiving, we will very quickly see the end of the summer veggies (tomatoes, melons, sweet corn) at the market very soon. This is likely the last week for sweet corn, cantaloupe (maybe also watermelon.) So, make sure to grab it while we still have it!

NOTE: If you bought the Lilly or Lambkin melons last weekend (smaller ones), we realize they likely weren’t ripe enough (first year we grew them…our apologies!) So, just mention if yours was not fully ripe, and we’ll let you pick out a new one at the market on Saturday.

Another Round of Peaches Available – Act Quickly!
We received word that we can still get organic peaches yet this season. You will need to CALL (don’t email) us by 8pm Friday, September 12th if you’d like to place an order.
Organic Peaches Pricing:
White Lady – very good flavor
4-5# (12 peaches) – $11
25# – $38

Chickens Delivery This Saturday
If you ordered chickens from us, we will be bringing them on Saturday for you to pick up. Reminder that the price was $3 a pound. Most of them have an average weight between 4.5 and 6 lbs. Please be ready to pay with cash or check when you pick up at the market.

Watch Out for Broccoli Worms!
Since we don’t spray our vegetables with pesticides, we have noticed that little green worms are loving our broccoli. They won’t hurt you, but do make sure to soak your broccoli in a bowl of cold water for 10-15 minutes and rinse it well before you eat it to avoid these little guys.

See you Saturday!


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