News From the Farm – September 5, 2014

Hope you are all enjoy the start of September! Our apologies up front that we have a lot of announcements this week, but we hope you will be excited about some of them!

Peaches Ready for Pick Up This Saturday
If you placed an order for organic peaches, we will have them ready for pick up this Saturday. NOTE: We were unable to source enough peaches for a few of you who placed the last orders we received. You will receive an email from us letting you know if you were affected. We are still going to try and source peaches through a different source for you in the weeks ahead.

Reminder on Organic Peaches Pricing:
White Lady – very good flavor
4-5# (12 peaches) – $9
25# – $36

Chickens Available (limited availability – first come; first served):
We are taking orders for the chickens we raised and butchered last Saturday. We are selling them for $3 a pound. Most of them have an average weight between 4.5 and 6 lbs. These chickens were pastured raised and their feed did not include corn or soy. Order this week by calling us and we will deliver at the Saturday, Sept. 13th market. Please be ready to pay with cash or check when you pick up at the market.

Honey Available:
We will have local honey to sell at the market each week. This is raw honey that has not been heat treated. If you have further questions about how the bees are cared for or how the honey is extracted, please feel free to call us. Please be ready to pay with cash or check when you pick up at the market.

1/2 Pint – $6
1 Pint – $9
1 Quart – $17
2 Quart – $26
5 Gallon Bucket – $190

Extra Tomatoes for Sale
It looks like we will have extra tomatoes to offer in bulk to those subscribers who want to can or freeze. The price is $1 per pound or $0.75 per pound if you order 50lbs or more. Call us today and we will bring your tomato order with us to the market on Saturday.

See you Saturday!


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