News From the Farm – August 15, 2014

Hello Subscribers,

We continue to be humbled and in complete awe of the outpouring of support we have received the past several weeks as Jake has recovered from his arm injury. It has been very encouraging and refreshing to see how family, friends and customers have come alongside of us during this challenging time for our family farm. What we have experienced has been a fresh reminder that “times gone by,” where farming communities helped one another, is not completely a thing of the past! We are truly thankful for the prayers, generosity and support so many of you have shown. Thank you!

A quick report on the farm…the cooler weather is making crops like carrots and lettuce do well, but the late summer crops of melons and tomatoes are struggling to ripen up. We hope to have some melons and more tomatoes next week, but we could have a minimal harvest since we haven’t gotten that hot and muggy weather this year.

Lastly…save the date for our annual Harvest Party! We will be hosting it out at our farm on Saturday, October 11th. Exact start time will be finalized in the next month, but it should start around mid afternoon. You won’t want to miss bringing the entire family out for a potluck dinner and fun games for the kids!

See you Saturday!


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