News From the Farm – August 8, 2014

We really appreciate all the help we have been receiving at the farm while Jake is recovering. His arm is doing better, but is still on the mend. If you are still able to pitch in a couple hours at the farm over the next week yet, the assistance would be welcome so that Jake can make a full recovery.

In terms of news about the crops…we have a bit of sweet corn ready this week, but still have four other plantings yet that we hope produce well in the weeks ahead. The winter squash is looking fantastic this year! In 2012 we lost about 90% of our squash crop and 70% in 2013 due to squash bugs. We didn’t do any spraying this year so we think the long, cold winter might have did the bugs in for this season which is good news for you all! We tried growing jalapeno peppers in the green house this summer and they have grown so well. We are hoping to have a “salsa” week at the market soon where you’ll be able to pick up all the right ingredients to make a batch or two of homemade salsa. Just waiting on tomatoes…

NOTE: Just a heads up about next week’s newsletter. It will be emailed out late in the day on Friday due to our newsletter volunteer (Tabitha) being gone on vacation over the next week. (She gets back Friday afternoon.)


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