News From the Farm – August 1, 2014

First of all, we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to help this week at our farm while Jake has been trying to recover from an injury to his right arm. We appreciate your prayers for healing and a quick recovery.

In terms of how the fields are looking…  Our sweet corn is nearly ready to harvest. However, we noticed raccoon activity in the corn this past week and we put out a trap to try to catch them so that we would hopefully have some corn to share with you all. We caught one this week so we will see if he was working alone or had friends to help him.

This week we get to introduce Dragon Tongue Beans and Lemon Cucumbers to you. See the “Veggie Highlight” for more information. Hope you like them!

REMINDER: If you ordered blueberries, please be prepared to pick up your boxes and pay this weekend. 

The prices were $32 for 10# box or $18 for 5# box for those of you who ordered them.

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