News From the Farm – July 18, 2014

The beets this week are a variety called Chioggia named after a coastal town in Northern Italy. It’s claim to fame is the “candy cane” striping found inside. Although the color fades when cooked, it can be used raw grated in salads.


We have celery this week, a crop we have struggled to grow effectively since our first year. The rain and cool conditions is what I will attribute the good growth to since our first season was much the same with weather. Although it’s strong flavor suggests using it cooked, it is extremely tasty raw and may change your opinion of celery as thought of in the supermarket. A must for homemade soups.


Cherries will be available next Saturday, July 26 at market and blueberries will be available on Aug 2nd. Please come prepared to pay for the fruit at those times.


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