News From the Farm – June 13, 2014

Hello Subscribers,

Welcome to the 2014 season! We are delighted to have many returning subscribers and some new friends joining us this season. Thank you for choosing to support our little family farm!

Since the season is running a bit later this year, we don’t have a ton of produce yet, but we did have enough that we wanted to get things going this week. Most quantities will be “limited” these first couple of weeks to ensure all subscribers can enjoy some produce. You can expect as we move through the growing season many items will be available in generous quantities.

Since it was very well-received last year, we will once again be doing a “market” CSA format this year. We welcome any and all feedback you have as we continue to experiment with this approach.

On Saturday you will receive your “Spring” CSA card. Each week you will bring the card back to the market and we will weigh and deduct the value of produce you take with you each week from your card. We encourage you to use all the funds by the end of the season as the funds unfortunately can not be applied to the 2015 season or a winter storage share.

Here’s a friendly reminder of the pick up time and location this Saturday.

Adam & Tabitha Steinbock’s House
10am to Noon
2537 12th St., Sheboygan

See you this weekend,
The Lambrechts


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