News From the Farm – Oct 4

Our first frost of the season continues to elude us which means we still have a good amount of summer crops remaining. However, you’ll notice some of these are first come; first served as we are nearing the end of harvesting what we planted. We can tell you that this will be the last week for melons (all varieties), eggplant and peppers. Our broccoli, cabbage and greens are looking really good so we should continue to have those in the next several weeks if the weather stays favorable.

Just a friendly reminder that the Harvest Party is coming up in just one week. This is a really fun time for you to enjoy autumn and visit our farm and see where your vegetables are grown. We will have a hay ride, games for kids and even a surprise or two for adults. There will be a home-made trebuchet in action too. A trebuchet is a siege tool that originated in the Middle Ages that uses using the energy of a raised counterweight to throw a projectile. We will have this set up and will be launching pumpkins out into the fields. The kids (and let’s just admit it…most guys) will love it.

See you all on Saturday!


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