News From the Farm – September 13

Hello Subscribers!

We will once again have PLENTY of nearly everything on this week’s list at the market on Saturday. We hope you are enjoying the bounty of the season.

Please see the notes in this week’s newsletter about…
– We have whole chickens for sale – see information below on ordering and price
– We have set a date for our Harvest Party – October 12th. See below for more details
– Pumpkins…we will have pumpkins at the market this weekend. They are “baking” pumpkins…they have super thick walls so you don’t want to use them for carving. šŸ™‚

One special note on tomatoes…they are definitely “on their way out.” The cherry ones are pretty much done although we might get one more week of them. The slicers and paste tomatoes will be available for a couple weeks yet, but we are not 100% sure on that. It would seem that the cool, wet summer just didn’t work well for our tomatoes. At least we have gotten to enjoy them a bit this summer!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


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