News From the Farm – August 9

Hello Subscribers!

As most of you know the weather has been a bit cooler than usual for this time of year. We are lacking that hot, humid weather that peppers, tomatoes and sweet potatoes love to bask in and grow. While these summer crops aren’t “failing” at this point, they aren’t necessarily “flourishing” like they usually are this time of year. Add on top of this the fact that we are about one month away from our first frost date, we might see a smaller amount of summer crops than we have in previous years. However, our fall brassicas are doing really well at this point so we anticipate those crops will do well into the fall.

We will have both the Sheboygan and farm location stands open on Saturday like usual. We look forward to seeing you all!

Note: Next week this e-newsletter will be delivered late Friday or early Saturday to your inbox due to that fact that Tabitha (our worker share who publishes our newsletter for us each week) is on vacation much of next week. Thanks for your understanding!

The Lambrechts


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