News From the Farm – July 26, 2013

The late summer crops are looking really, really good. Melons are the size of soccer balls and tomatoes are beginning to ripen nicely. We anticipate having sweet corn possibly as early as next week. This was our first planting of sweet corn and we have five other plantings following it so we are optimistic that we will have a long, steady supply of sweet corn through August and September.

We do want to share with you that we have unfortunately had a garlic crop failure. We planted about 2,000 plants/seeds and we’ll be lucky to get 100 out of the crop. We tell you this so that you can consider sourcing other local garlic from the farmer’s market or other local farms if that is something you really want to make sure you get this season. We again apologize, but crop failures happen each year…it just comes with the territory.

NOTE: There will be no market at our farm from 2-4pm on August 3rd (next Saturday). The Sheboygan market will be open like normal.

We look forward to seeing you at the market stand!


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