News From the Farm – July 19, 2013

Hello Subscribers!

This nice steamy heat has really helped move along many of our crops. There are ears on our sweet corn already so that hopefully means sweet corn picking is just around the corner. Also, our cherry tomatoes are just beginning to ripen so you can expect tomatoes to start showing up in a few weeks. In last week’s email we had shared that we thought potatoes would be ready. However, the sample plants I dug up that led me to that conclusion were not an accurate assessment of what was really going on underground. So we are leaving the potatoes in the ground a bit longer to grow some more.

Fresh Fruit – If you placed an order for fresh fruit last Saturday. Please note that only the cherries came in this week. So please be aware of that and bring along payment for your order when you pick up your produce tomorrow. The blueberries should be in next week.

We look forward to seeing you at the market stand!

The Lambrechts


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