News from the Farm – July 12, 2013

Hope everyone has had a great week and is looking forward to the weekend. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

The end of our spring share season will be at the end of the month on July 27th. As we continue to adjust to this new format of allowing you to select the produce you want each week we wanted to let you know of a change we made. (Don’t worry…we think you will like it!) We are allowing subscribers to roll over whatever funds they don’t use on their spring season card to use later in the season during the summer and fall. However, with that said, we encourage you to use up all the funds by the end of the fall season as we will not be able to roll those over to the 2014 season nor towards a winter storage share.


Cherries & Blueberries

Springdale Farms (another CSA in the county) is taking orders for Michigan cherries (not-organic) and blueberries (certified organic). These freshly-picked fruit would be delivered next week Saturday (July 20) and you will be able to pick them up when you pick up the rest of your produce.

– 10lbs – Around $23
– 20lbs – Around $42

– 5lbs – $15
– 10lbs – $27

Please let us know this Saturday (when you pick up your produce) if you’d like to place an order and be ready with payment at that time. If you can’t make it to pick up this week, please call or email us by end of the day Saturday to place your order.

The Lambrechts


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