News From the Farm – July 5, 2013

We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday! The weather has really been amazing which means the fields and crops are in great condition.

With the new “market share” concept of our CSA we wanted to take just a bit of time this week to explain a few terms to make sure everyone understands what we mean when we use the terms plenty, limited and first come; first served.

(P) – Plenty – This means we have enough of a vegetable so that each subscriber can select as much as they want using the balance of funds on their card. There is no need to “get here early” for those items.

(L) – Limited. – This means we have enough of these vegetables harvested so that each subscriber can receive some without coming early. (i.e. pints of strawberries – we’d all love to take home 10 pints, but we limit most subscribers to just one or two so that everyone can take some home.)

(FCFS) – First Come. First Served. These are vegetables which we have a limited harvest of and don’t have enough for every single subscriber. This likely is due to the fact that the vegetable is just starting to be ripe and ready or that the harvest of this vegetable is winding down for the season. If you really want these vegetables, we encourage you to come early.

We thank you again for supporting us this season and look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

The Lambrechts


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