News From the Farm – June 28, 2013

The weather has provided great fields lately. We have cucumbers and tomatoes on the vine. Potatoes are already looking much better this year than last year. The rain has been regular, but with that also comes weeds. (If you’d like to come out and help weed – even if just for an hour – let us know!)

We thought you guys might like a little peek into what a typical week is like for us.
Thursday & Friday – Harvesting days. These are our busiest days as we pick, clean and box up produce for you to pick up on Saturday. We try to pick things that will “keep well” on Thursday and more perishable produce on Fridays. Our goal is to give you the the most fresh produce we can directly from the fields.
Saturday – You’ll begin to see Heather mainly at the market stand; Jake will try to spend his Saturdays in the fields weeding, watering, etc.
Sunday – Day of rest
Monday – We pick produce that is ripe and ready (but won’t make it to the stand on Saturdays) and sell it to other vendors in the our area (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.)
Tuesday & Wednesday – Weeding, watering, mulch, arranging drip irrigation, transplanting plants, etc…

We thank you again for supporting us this season and look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


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