Whole Chickens for Sale

We raised our own chickens (Freedom Ranger breed) since May and butchered them this past Thursday. These chickens were kept in a mobil pen we moved around the farm to ensure they had fresh pasture to graze on each day. They received a supplemental feed of mainly barley, field peas and kelp. They were fed no corn or soy as we raised them.

This specific breed of chicken is called Freedom Ranger which is a brown bird that is a little more slow growing (hence needed some feed to help get them to a butchering weight,) but it loves to be out and about foraging for food. It also is a very hardy chicken, able to withstand extreme temps (for which this year we are grateful!) They did well and we tried one tonight and found them very tasty.

If you are interested in purchasing whole chickens from us (each chicken is about 4 to 5 lbs) at $2.75 a pound, please call us at 920-894-7196 or email us at gardenofweedinCSA@gmail.com. We can arrange for your chicken to be delivered with your bag of vegetables.


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