News From the Farm – July 25

We are in the final week of July – hard to believe summer is nearly 2/3 complete! Some good news for this week: there are some new introductions in your bags: leeks, peppers and fennel have arrived! It’s unusual to have peppers ready this early in the growing season, but I guess we’ll take that as an upside to the hot, steamy weather we have experienced.

To be candid, the bags are noticeably lighter this week and of course we are bummed right along with you that they are not brimming with vegetables. Yet, given the severity of the drought (6th worst drought in US history actually), we hope you will join us in feeling blessed and lucky for the produce that has been able to grow and sustain itself in these dry, hot conditions. It is certainly still dry out in the fields, but the 1/2 inch of rain we were blessed with last week really helped many crops hold out here for at least another week or two. Hopefully more rain clouds will be in the forecast soon!


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