News from the Farm – July 18

Most of the rain that showed up sporadically last week sadly missed the Garden of Weedin. The lack of run continues to be of concern, but we are taking some steps to add some more drip irrigation where we can. The upside to no rain is that the weeds are feeling the pressure too and are not growing as aggressively as usual, thus allowing us to keep up with the weeding for the most part. So keep hoping/praying for rain with us as we continue through this month – we could really use it.

Thought we’d share a bit of fun news with y’all. Jake will be showing off his juggling skills tomorrow at the Kiel Public Library’s “Picnic in the City Park” event (4pm to 6pm at 417 Paine St.) Jake the Juggler on deck to perform around 4:30 so if you have kids that would enjoy a juggling act or just an afternoon in the park, bring them on out for some fun!


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