July 11 News from the Farm

We did not feel so quite alone in our labors and situation this week when 42 counties in Wisconsin were declared a state of emergency due to the prolonged drought we are experiencing. Rain is desperately needed in the next week or two or we will likely see some crop failures that will affect the quantity and quality of produce in your bags in the coming months. As you can imagine, we are just as disappointed and apprehensive as you all may be, but as partners in this CSA, we wanted to be candid about what is going on right now at the farm given the drought and how it could affect your weekly bags.

This past week we transplanted 1,500 brassica plants for fall harvest. This required a lot of watering to ensure the transplants would survive the heat as they adjusted to the soil. However, this also meant we ran the barn well dry for the first time ever in five years. (It’s starting to refill which is good.) But not all is gloom and doom! We do have some crops like watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. under drip irrigation and those are doing great. The peppers and eggplants love this hot weather and are thriving as are tomatoes which are about 2 weeks to a month early this year. So, keep praying and hoping with us that rain will come soon and some great produce should be right around the corner. We’ll keep you posted week-to-week!

Hoping for rain…
The Lambrechts


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