June 13 Newsletter

The rainstorm that was supposed to hit on Monday has miraculously missed us. The heat however, has not, and I hear that the mercury will be rising again by this weekend. The crops are holding on with constant watering, but the heat tends to end the spring crops early. Let’s hope this next heat wave will be short so that our lettuce and peas keep growing. The strawberries may end sooner that we would like, but we will try to get them in the bags next week. Enjoy the cool temps while we have them!

We still have a few spaces open for EGG SHARES this year. Our eggs are raised by our Amish neighbors who pasture the chickens and feed them a non-medicated feed. The price is $2.50 a dozen and we sell the shares at $50 for a 20 week subscription. Please let us know if you would like to join.

The large, stiff-leafed-lettucey-looking vegetable in your bags this week is BOK CHOY.   To preserve its life, store it wrapped loosely in plastic in the refrigerator.  Wash and remove any damaged or yellowing leaves.  Cut off the root end and the inch or so above it and slice or chop it as you like.  If the stems are thick, separate them from the leaves and start by cooking them a couple minutes before the leaves.  BOK CHOY tastes great steamed and sautéed or stir-fried. (See recipe below)

The whole pea pod can be eaten on the SNAP PEAS.  (These are not shelling peas.)

With all of the LETTUCE and SPINACH in your bags, salad season has hit!  Some of our favorite salads include the cut-up greens strewn with thinly sliced radishes, peas, strawberries, roasted sunflower seeds buttered and salted, a good hard cheese, raisins, and olive oil and vinegar for the dressing, sprinkled with a little salt and cracked pepper on top – sweet, sour, salty, crisp…yummy!                  GARLIC SCAPES are the curly green tubular veggies in your bags this week that look a bit like alien antennae. Scapes possess a less intense garlic flavor than regular garlic, but can be used in the same context – pesto, stir fries, pickling, chopping raw for salads, steaming, soups, or sautéing in butter.

RADISHES, when sliced thinly, flavor salads with a great perk.  They also pare well with fats, like cheese and mayonnaise (think sandwich, and add some spinach – mmm).  They can be eaten raw, or cooked in butter (which reduces some of the heat).

The bags should returned to the box marked “BAG RETURN” when you come to get your 2nd bag next week. You may also return the egg carton and plastic clamshells there as well. Thanks you!!



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