Curried Cauliflower Bisque with Garlic Greens

Make this soup with a high-quality yellow curry powder.   If you like heat, add a diced Serrano pepper.  This soup is also great made with a little coconut milk in place of some of the vegetable stock.

1 ½ tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil or butter

½ medium yellow onion, diced

1 stalk celery, diced

½ head cauliflower (4 c.), chopped

1 Tbsp. curry powder

4-5 c. stock

2 Tbsp. long-grain rice

Salt and fresh-ground pepper to taste

1-2 cloves garlic, minced

3 ounces greens (spinach, chard, collard greens, dandelions, etc.), cleaned, tough stems removed

Heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil or butter in 4-quart soup pot over medium heat.  When hot, add onion and celery and cook until vegetables begin to soften around the edges (4-5 minutes).  Add cauliflower and curry powder and cook, stirring often, 3-4 minutes more.  Add just enough stock to cover vegetables (4-4 ½ c.).  Add rice, and bring soup to simmer.  Simmer until cauliflower and rice are tender (about 20 min).  Blend soup on High, in batches if necessary, until smooth.  If soup seems too thick, add last bit of stock and reheat until hot.  Season to taste with salt and fresh-ground pepper.  Heat remaining ½ Tbsp. olive oil or butter in medium-size sauté pan over medium heat.  When hot, add garlic and cook, stirring constantly, 30-60 seconds.  Add greens and cook until greens are wilted and tender.  Season to taste with more salt and pepper.  Ladle hot soup into bowls and top with spoonful of sautéed greens.  Serves 4.

Recipe from Mothering Magazine, January-February 2010 issue.


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