November 2 Newsletter

Another season has come and gone! Although the workload has been heavy, it is certainly balanced by all the positive feedback we have received – thank you. We hope that all of you would join us again next year; we love to see smiling returning faces . We would like to thank all of you for supporting our small family farm.

LAST DAY OF DELIVERY is TODAY,  NOVEMBER 2nd. As the season winds down, we ask you to think about how you enjoyed it all. From spring peas and strawberries, to summer cherry tomatoes, and on into fall, we look for feedback on how well our farm is run. An end-of-the-year online survey link (that literally takes 5 minutes to complete) is below. This survey helps us do a better job.

The POPCORN in your bags this week is called Dutch Butter. It has the reputation of being so good on its own that it doesn’t need butter. (I’m not sure any popcorn could be that good, especially when it comes to butter, but…you be the judge.) It will need to dry out a while before it will pop nicely. Keep it in a warm dry place and every week pull off a few kernels and test-pop them on the stove-top with some oil in a pan, or in an air popper. They will most certainly be ready by Thanksgiving.

Please remember to RETURN YOUR BAGS.  On Wednesday, perhaps think about bringing your own bag to the drop-site, so that you don’t have to remember to return the red and green ones.  Thanks so much!

STORAGE SHARES available: Come mid-December, we will deliver STORAGE SHARES (a box of veggies including potatoes, onions,  beets, carrots, cabbage, winter squash, eggs, organic oranges fresh from FL, and possibly a few other items) to anyone’s house who wants them.  The box will weigh 40+ lbs and is designed to give families a stash of storage veggies in the middle of winter.  The cost is $50/box.  (They make great Christmas presents!)  Sign-up sheets will be available at the drop-sites this week and following, or feel free to send us an email, or give us a call by the first week in December with how many boxes you would like to order.


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