October 19 Newsletter

The potatoes are finally finished being dug – hooray!  Now the only storage crops left to get out of the ground are carrots, beets, and cabbage.  As you use your brassicas (think kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.) do not be alarmed if you find tiny soft green worms. They are the evil offspring of the harmless-looking white and yellow butterflies seen flying about in late summer.  Inspect broccoli and cauliflower especially (and put them in a salt-water bath before using). While Jake tries to pick out the majority of them , some still get by him; unfortunately, that is one of the issues we deal with when farming organically.

The carrots this week are from Ma and Pa Lambrecht’s garden, otherwise known as The Garden of Weedin’ Satellite Farm. Thanks folks!

The peppers are from Gibbs Family Garden. Dan Gibbs is nearing the end of his CSA deliveries and had plenty of peppers, so he offered them to us. What a treat to have such nice peppers in mid October! Thank you Gibbs!

Cauliflower this week will primarily be the lime-green variety called “Panther”. Some of you may receive the standard white or amazingly brilliant purple variety called “Graffiti”. Cauliflower eaten raw is sweet and slightly peppery. The purple retains color when cooked but the green does not.

We are expecting to deliver for another two weeks yet for sure. As the season winds down, we ask you to think about how you enjoyed it all. From spring peas and strawberries to summer cherry tomatoes and on into fall, we look for feedback on how well our farm is run. We will be sending out an end of the year survey online that literally takes 5 minutes to complete. This survey helps us do a better job.

We have 5 chickens available from some Amish neighbors.  They were primarily grass-fed with occasional grain supplementation (non-organic grains, but also non-medicated).  They weigh in at roughly 5 #/bird, for about $15/bird.  First come, first serve.

STORAGE SHARES available: Come mid-December, we will deliver STORAGE SHARES (a box of veggies including potatoes, onions,  beets, carrots, cabbage, winter squash, eggs, organic oranges fresh from FL, and possibly a few other items) to anyone’s house who wants them.  The box will weigh 40+ lbs and is designed to give families a stash of storage veggies in the middle of winter.  The cost is $50/box.  (They make great Christmas presents!)  Sign-up sheets will be available at the drop-sites this week and following, or feel free to send us an email, or give us a call by the first week in December with how many boxes you would like to order.


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