Carrot, Rutabaga, and Mandarin Orange Salad

Grated carrots and rutabaga with an orange white wine vinegar dressing.

2 cups grated carrots

1 cup grated rutabaga

1 cup mandarin oranges, drained and seeds removed

1/2 cup olive oil

2 Tbsp orange juice

2 Tbsp white wine vinegar

2 Tbsp chopped fresh chives (or regular onions)

1 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley

1/4 tsp dry ginger

1/4 tsp dry mustard

Salt and white pepper to taste

Toss the grated carrots, rutabaga and oranges lightly in a large mixing bowl.  Whisk the canola oil, orange juice and white wine vinegar in a separate, smaller mixing bowl.  Add chopped chives and parsley, dry ginger and dry mustard. Sprinkle in salt and white pepper to taste.  Pour over the carrot, rutabaga and orange mixture and toss to coat.  Serve.


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