October 5 Newsletter

Thanks to all of you who were able to make it to this year’s Harvest Party!  ‘Twas a wonderful treat to meet new faces and “re-greet” the other ones.   Carolyn Baxter won the giant pumpkin for guessing how many Indian corn kernels were in the jar – well done!  Seeing the trebuchet (think ‘giant catapult’) in all its glory was thrilling (made one almost wish to be a medieval soldier…almost), as was the tractor ride.  We look forward to next year…  (if you were not able to make it to the Harvest Party but would still like to visit the farm, simply let us know; we would love to have you come.)

The CARROTS in your bags were kindly traded to us by the Seelys at Springdale Farm (in Plymouth), and the RUTABAGAS were thoughtfully given by Dan Gibbs from the Gibbs’ Family Garden (in Plymouth).  The PIE PUMPKINS were grown by Ma and Pa Lambrecht.  Thanks everyone!

The CAULIFLOWER in your bags can be eaten raw (it has some nice “spicy-sweet” tones) or works well steamed (see yummy recipe below).

PIE PUMPKINS can be treated similar to squash – cut in half, scoop out innards, place cut-side down in glass 9 by 13 baking pan and bake at 350 F for about 1 hour (‘til fork pricked in skin glides easily through).  Then use in recipes as a replacement for canned pumpkin or for squash (See fun recipe below).

Organic, grass-fed PORK is now available through Golden Bear Farms (in Kiel).  The hanging weight of the pork is $2.40/# if you buy a half or a whole pig.  If you want smaller quantities (individual cuts), the price varies from $4/# for ground pork to $7.50/# for smoked  bacon, ham, and loin roasts.  To find out more information, please email them at steve@deibele.com or view their website at www.goldenbearfarm.com If you place an order with them, please let them know it’s through Garden of Weedin’ (and then they will call us to let us know we should drop it off for you – free delivery for you).


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