September 28 Newsletter

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, October 1 at Noon, for our Fall Harvest Party. Please bring a dish to pass and a chair to sit on. This has typically been a day to relax, see the farm, take a tractor ride, and meet some of your fellow subscribers. We will have carving pumpkins, Indian corn, and cornstalks free for the taking. As a highlight of this year’s party, there is a strong possibility of seeing a trebuchet in action (think 30 ft. high medieval-style-catapult-type-apparatus).  Just know that pumpkins will be mechanically flung a LONG way!  (So feel free to bring anything – except small children and animals – that you want to see launched a thousand feet.)

The bags may seem a bit lighter this week. A few of our crops decided to wait until next week to enter the bags L. Lettuce, cauliflower, and spinach all were not quite ready to go yet, but should be there next week.

The WINTER SQUASH variety you have in your bags this week is called Sunshine. This is a favorite in our house; we find the flavor to be the most intense. It is a dry sweet orange squash that is wonderful cut in half  and baked face down for about an hour at 350 degrees, til soft.  Then scoop out the seeds and replace them with butter and some salt (a little honey or sorghum go great, too). Storage on these are relatively short, so use them quickly.

SWISS CHARD (the leafy vegetable in your bags this week) can be used as a replacement for spinach in recipes.  It can be eaten raw, or simply chop it up and sautee it in a pan with oil (the stems are also edible, but if sautéing them, do so first since they take longer to soften than the leaves).  See recipe below for more ideas.


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