Enzyme-Rich Mayonnaise

2 eggs (from pastured hens) at room temperature 1 tsp. sucanat (optional)
1 tsp raw, unpastuerized apple cider vinegar                                  1/2 c. olive oil
½ c. warm coconut oil                                                                       1 tsp whey
salt & paprika to taste

Put 1 egg and the yolk of the other in your blender, along with sucanat, cider vinegar, & whey.   Whirl around for 30 seconds or until nice and frothy.  Slowly add in olive oil, followed by coconut oil.  Add salt and paprika to taste.  Transfer to a small, pint sized jar and close the lid tightly.  Leave on your counter for 7-12 hours then transfer to the refrigerator.


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