September 7 Newsletter

Mark your calendars for October 1 at Noon. The date is set for our Fall Harvest Party. Please bring a dish to pass and a chair to sit on. This has typically been a day to relax, see the farm, and meet some of your fellow subscribers. We will have carving pumpkins, Indian corn, and cornstalks free for the taking.

Margaux Bistro and Wine Bar (in Sheboygan) is serving a Tomato Dinner on September 23rd from 5-10pm.  At a cost of only $25, you will receive a wide array of dishes featuring some of the area’s finest local food. Margaux does a fantastic job in creativity, as well as presentation. As far as taste goes…you’ll have to show up and judge for yourself. J For more information, go to their website at or call them at (920)457-6565.

The cool weather is here. I honestly did not think I would be scouting out forecasts for frost warnings, but I am. A part of me is ready for a frost to give us a little break from the work, yet the other part wants to wait as I see all the tomatoes and peppers finally just starting to produce heavily (and a frost would put an end to those crops quickly).

This is the last week of the year for CANTALOUPE, WATERMELON, and SUMMER SQUASH, alas and alack…

Just a reminder, don’t put your BASIL in the fridge (it will go black).  Instead, try trimming the ends (like a flower), and putting it in a glass of tepid water on the counter.

For the KOHLRABI, trim off the spines (the leaves and spines can be sautéed in dishes and eaten) and the outer ‘shell’.  It is great eaten raw or chopped up and roasted (see recipe below).


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