August 31 Newsletter

Mark your calendars for October 1 at Noon. The date is set for our Fall Harvest Party. Please bring a dish to pass and a chair to sit on. This has typically been a day to relax, see the farm, and meet some of your fellow subscribers. We will have carving pumpkins, Indian corn, and cornstalks free for the taking. If you have any ideas on fun games or activities for all to participate in, please let us know.

This will be the last week for SWEET CORN this year.  WATERMELON and CANTALOUPE should be around until next week at least. With our first frost date set at September 15th (for this area), I probably don’t need to say that cooler-weather crops should be appearing soon, like cauliflower, cabbage, Kale, and winter squash, among others.

Please eat your CANTALOUPE and SWEET CORN asap.  They both have a very short “shelf life”.

SWISS CHARD (for you lucky Full Shares…or not so lucky, depending on your tastes J) is the leafy green in your bags this week.  It can be substituted for SPINACH in recipes (both raw and sautéed).

SAGE (the herb in the Full Shares) pares wonderfully with chicken.  One of our favorite ways of using it is when we roast a chicken, we drizzle a marinade of olive oil, salt, pepper, and cut up sage over the chicken as it cooks.  Delicious! (Or try the chicken sausage recipe below.)  SAGE can be dehydrated for later use or put in the fridge for a few days.

CILANTRO (Half Shares) also pares well with chicken (and fish).  Chop it up and put it in some salsa, or mix it with melted butter and salt and drizzle over potatoes or meat.


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