August 24 Newsletter

Mark your calendars for October 1 at Noon. The date is set for our Fall Harvest Party. Please bring a dish to pass and a chair to sit on. This has typically been a day to relax, see the farm, and meet some of your fellow subscribers. We will have carving pumpkins, Indian corn, and cornstalks free for the taking. If you have any ideas on fun games or activities for all to participate in, please let us know.

Huzzah!  There are only 6 flats of lettuce left to transplant for the year! It is always a good feeling to have the planting part of the year done. Now all we need to focus on weekly is harvesting and weeding. As far as harvesting goes, it almost feels strange to be picking tomatoes with the unseasonably cool weather we’ve been having. It won’t be long now and the fall crops will be ready to be harvested.

Please eat your CANTALOUPE and SWEET CORN asap.  They both have a very short “shelf life”.

Some of the CUCUMBERS in your bag are from “Garden of Weedin’ 2” (otherwise known as Jake’s-parents’- garden-gone-crazy  J).  A huge “thank you!” to them for helping us out by being a “satellite farm” J.  The LEMON CUCUMBERS look like, well, lemons (a pale yellow ball-like cucumber), but taste like a regular cucumber (not a lemon).  They can be eaten like an apple, peel and all.

EGGPLANT (for the Full Shares this week) is the purple vegetable in your bags.  It is best peeled, sliced thinly, salted (to remove its bitterness), and then fried in whatever recipe you desire.  See below for a recipe suggestion, otherwise look in vegetarian or seasonal cookbooks for more great ideas.  Eggplant is a very versatile vegetable (like zucchini); have fun with it!

For the WATERMELONS this week, there are three different varieties. Two of them are red and one is an oblong orange type called Orangeglo. This is a trial year for that melon. If you crack one open and it is brilliant orange with white seeds, let us know what you think.

This could very well be the last week of the year for ZUCCHINI. PATTYPAN SQUASH should keep coming in small amounts, but it, too is dwindling. Was that a sign of relief I heard? J


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