August 17 Newsletter

Just a reminder that OUR WEBSITE is up and running.  If you are ever interested in exploring it, it is  Suggestions are encouraged, and we look forward to tinkering with it more this winter (in all of our free time J).

Please eat your CANTALOUPE and SWEET CORN asap.  They both have a very short “shelf life”.

The mini-stalks in your bags this week are LEEKS.  They are part of the onion family, and can be used accordingly.  They will last longer if they are not cleaned  and are stored lightly in plastic in the fridge.  When you are ready to use them, clean them by trimming off the root hairs, and then slicing length-wise half-way through the leek.  Gently pry open, and rinse thoroughly.  Then proceed with whatever recipe you will be using (see below for a yummy suggestion).

The CUCUMBERS in your bag are from “Garden of Weedin’ 2” (otherwise known as Jake’s-parents’- garden-gone-crazy  J).  A huge “thank you!” to them for helping us out since our cukes are being a little sullen this year and not producing very prolifically (that is, until Jake found a load of lemon cukes hiding out yesterday).  The LEMON CUCUMBERS look like, well, lemons (a pale yellow ball-like cucumber), but taste like a regular cucumber (not a lemon).  They can be eaten like an apple, peel and all.

The POTATOES in your bags this week are a tri-colored mixture composed of Adirondack Blues, Adirondack Reds, and German Butterballs.  Have fun with them (making colored potato salad, French fries, mashed potatoes, etc.)

A little primer on TOMATOES, now that we will be in full swing over the next few weeks: Most of your tomatoes will be picked ripe, however, some fruits will still be slightly green on the shoulders. (Leave them on the counter to ripen for a day or two.) In general, all the tomatoes, no matter their color should feel soft on the underside. Check them often because not all the tomatoes will turn red.

The long yellow torpedoes in your bags this week are YELLOW ZUCCHINIS.  They can be used in the same way that regular green zucchini can be used (i.e. zucchini bread, calabacita, zuke boats, etc.), as can the pale-green smushed-pumpkin-looking-vegetable – PATTYPAN SQUASH.


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