July 13 Newsletter

I hope you have been good boys and girls and are eating all the LETTUCE in your bags . Don’t worry, we won’t have any for a couple weeks (starting next week), so you can breathe a sigh of relief. If your lettuce has a slight bitter taste, simply trim off a bit of the root end and place it root-end-down in cold water for about a half hour. (A simpler solution might be to just drown it in salad dressing. J )  If you are pulling out your hair trying to think of creative ways to use up all the LETTUCE you might still have lying around, try either the LETTUCE SPREAD recipe in last week’s newsletter (it’s actually pretty good – think ‘spreadable lettuce’ for a sandwich) or this week’s LETTUCE and ONION PIE.  Get creative.

Getting bored with KOHLRABI?  Try the pickled version below…

DO NOT REFRIGERATE YOUR BASIL or it will go bad quickly. Trim the stem end and place in a glass of water at room temperature for a few days.   Fresh BASIL can be substituted for dried BASIL in recipes – simply use about 3 times as much fresh as dried.  Add it chopped up to your beets, to butter, to mashed potatoes, to tomato dishes, to bean dishes, to soups, to cheesecakes (see below).  Have fun with it – there are few “wrong ways” to use herbs.

Few vegetables evoke such strong reactions as BEETS – ya’ love ‘em or ya’ hate ‘em. Who will be the first to convert this year from the “I hate beets!” camp to our “Why don’t I eat these more often?!” camp?  One of our favorite ways of preparing them is also the simplest: Cut off the greens (but leave the root “string” on so valuable nutrients don’t leach into the water), boil the BEETS ‘til they are soft, then (carefully, so you don’t burn your fingers) rub off the skins, slice them up, dollop with butter, salt and some fresh basil. The BEET GREENS are edible as well.  They can be eaten either raw or used in place of any sautéed green like spinach, swiss chard, etc.  One friend’s favorite way of eating the greens is sautéeing them in a little oil ‘til soft, then add balsamic vinegar, mustard, salt, and a little bit of mayonnaise – until it tastes good.  Enjoy!


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