June 29 Newsletter

Last year at this time, our lettuce was pretty much done because the weather was too warm and the lettuce was bolting and tasted bitter. How much different is this year, as our lettuces continue to flourish in the cooler temperatures. The peas, bok choy strawberries, spinach and kohlrabi also fare much better with cooler weather. Enjoy them while you can because once the warm weather hits (if it does?), they are gone till fall. Warm weather brings the promise of a whole new slew of veggies, though.

We are still looking for more Worker Shares. Even if you can’t be one, encourage someone else. We can use people whether they can commit to a regular schedule or not. These next few months are particularly difficult as all phases of work are being done each week. Not only do we harvest, wash, pack and deliver your bags, but we are also still seeding, transplanting, weeding, hilling, watering, tilling, and bug-squishing (ah, come on!  You know you want to…J). There is still much to be done, and – have I mentioned? – we still have no mosquitoes!  Huzzah!

Vegetable Storage: Even though we rinse off most of the vegetables in your bags, in general, all of your veggies will benefit from being washed again  in cool water and placed in your refrigerator in a sealed container.  This will certainly help them last longer and stay fresher. There are a few items that this should not be done to and we will definitely let you know about these as they arrive in your bags.

RADISHES make a late appearance this year. For those of you who do not like them raw, try making a radish-and-cheese sandwich with a little mayo <mmm! zazazing!>. Put them on your salad or add them to a coleslaw. If that still doesn’t work, I would suggest covering them in chocolate.

SCALLIONS are the tall, straight stalk-like veggie in your bags this week.  They can  be used in place of onions in recipes.  Still not sure?  Try them in the biscuit recipe below.

If you are interested in ordering any breads, waffles, or bagels, please let me know by FRIDAY 8pm (for orders to be delivered the following WEDNESDAY). Checks can be left at the drop-site and should be made out to “Jacob or Heather Lambrecht”.

Our egg people are in desperate need of EGG CARTONS.  If you have ordered eggs, please return the cartons each week. Even if you have not ordered eggs, extra egg cartons are welcome (please place in Bag Return); instead of throwing them away, it’s a great way to reuse them.  Thanks so much!

Please return clamshells from STRAWBERRIES and PEAS when you are done with veggies (but only ones from Garden of Weedin’, not from the grocery store, please).  Thanks so much, dear subscribers!



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