Veggies just around the corner.

Hello subscribers, friends and family,

How are the crops looking? Good. Despite all the cool weather we were still able to keep on our planting schedule. Sometimes it required forcing the tiller through stubborn soil. Peas, radishes, beets, carrots, sweet corn, parsnips, spinach, beans, cilantro, chard, potatoes and garlic are all up, but lagging a few days behind where they could be by now. We have transplanted tomatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, onions, lettuce, parsley, celery, fennel, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, and kohlrabi. We have kept ourselves extremely busy. It looks as though the third week of June will be our first delivery. We’ll keep you posted.

We re enjoying quite a bit of interest this year and we have more subscribers signed up this year by June than we ever have. I guess that tells me we must be doing something right. So, we only have about 5 spots left. If you know of anyone interested, NOW is the time to let us know.

Lastly, if anyone would be interested in getting their hands dirty and helping out for a few hours, we always welcome you. If you would like some fresh air and exercise and would enjoy seeing the farm in beautiful springtime, please stop on out. We have 5 baby kittens, 2 boys, and a trampoline to entertain your kids as well (ok, not all at the same time of course).

So that is all the news from here, we will talk so you soon with the good news of fresh veggies.


The Lambrechts
Jake, Heather, Enoch and Roman

P.S. We are looking for a few good names for our kittens. Any suggestions? The only rule is that it has to be a food name. For example, some of our cats names in the past have been links, beans, wally (walnut), kimchi, apple, figgy, grapes, pumpkin, oliver (olive), and milt (millet). So far, some suggestions have been rhubarb, basil, filbert (hazelnut), stanley (for the famous plum) and my personal favorite which no one in our house seems to care for….Beef.


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