November 3 Newsletter

Alas and alack, another season has come and gone. THIS IS THE LAST DELIVERY for this season (unless you order a storage share). On the whole, we feel we made quite a bit of progress with quantity and quality for many of our crops. As always, if you have any helpful comments toward future changes, please do not hesitate to jot us an email or call us anytime during this winter.  While we know we will never be able to grow everything perfectly, it makes us excited to think how much better we can do next year. On that note, thank you to all of you that have already filled out the surveys. The feedback is much appreciated.

STORAGE SHARES available: Come mid-December, we will deliver STORAGE SHARES ( a box of veggies including potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, winter squash, eggs, organic oranges fresh from FL, and possibly a few other items) to anyone’s house who wants them.  The box will weigh around 40+ lbs and is designed to give families a stash of storage veggies in the middle of winter.  The cost is $50/box.  (They make great Christmas presents!)  Sign-up sheets will be available at the drop-sites this week and next, or feel free to give us a call by the first week in December with how many boxes you would like to order.  Thanks!

You may want to bring your own bag to the drop-site this week and transfer your produce into it. It will save you a trip to return the bag later on. PLEASE return the red and green bags by next Wednesday (11/10) to the drop-site.

The SALAD MIX  is from fellow CSA farmer Dan Gibbs this week. He finished deliveries and had some leftover. We passed it on. Thank you, Dan!

Last week’s SPINACH was from Springdale Farm; again, a huge “thank you!” in helping make the bags a little tastier.

POPCORN makes its debut this week. Three colors grace your bags, but all of them need to be dried for a few weeks before they will pop well. The simplest way to tell when it is ready is to take off a few kernels each week and try popping them (in an air popper, a microwave, or a stove-top popper – make sure you remove the stalks before popping the cob in the microwave!). If they fluff up nicely, it is ready. If they only crack open and pop halfway, then wait another week and try again. Drying time can be sped up if you keep the ears in a well ventilated place with a good dry heat. (I have kept ours next to our wood-burning furnace.)   It is certainly possible to have popcorn by Thanksgiving.


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